Guiding Early Stage Ventures

To Success

A Partner of The Learn to Start Institute

Seed is a modeling and financial services expert whose mission is to grow early stage ventures born out of the Learn to Start Institute.

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Using everything that teams bring from their Learn to Start experience, Seed is an accelerator that guides the way to market. Learn to Start builds a new type of innovator inside of education. One with the mindset and skills capable of developing real solutions that can change the world.

The Three Pillars of Seed

Model Generation

At Seed, we are experts in building models that work.

We guide our young ventures to build models that actually ensure real profitability, real sustainability, and real efficiency.

Brand Generation

At Seed, we are expert storytellers.

We guide our early stage ventures to build empathy through storytelling to ensure they are positioned to bring about the change they seek to make in the world.

Financial Modeling

At Seed, we are expert managers of finance modeling.

We guide our young ventures to responsible fund-raising that is aligned and empowered by a business model that has been built for profitability, sustainability, and efficiency.

“We must change the metrics that young startups use. The only outcomes that matter are profitability, sustainability and efficiency. Startups must understand what it means to build foundations that can ensure these outcomes are realized rather than over-focusing on securing round after round of funding.”

Joe Gitto

Co-Founder of Seed

The 4 Stages of the Seed Process

1. Identification

We seek people who have developed a specific mindset and skill level and who align directly with Seed’s belief systems regarding the makeup and characteristics of an effective founder and team.

2. Analysis

Through the extensive research and exploration of this stage, we begin to identify which of our ventures is capable of real market penetration.

3. Incubation

Selected participants or teams gain access to our entire community of powerful resources which provide critical expertise to help them execute in the market.

4. Execution

We guide our ventures to identify the right level of early-stage funding, becoming an active equity principal and ensuring all our ventures move from startup to growth.


Spotlight streaming platform on LTSI

Where the light shines brightly on Learn to Start participants

Spotlight has been created to give all Learn to Start participants* the opportunity to experience a powerful platform where feedback from Seed’s experts can drive valuable learning outcomes. However, for individuals and teams who display well-crafted models with real potential, Spotlight presents an opportunity to gain entry into Seed’s powerful accelerator.

* You must be subscribed to the Learn to Start platform for a minimum of 1 year prior to applying. Applicants must be 18 years or older to be considered to enter the Seed Group accelerator.

The Seed Fund

The Seed Fund has been assembled to specifically support early stage ventures that have successfully been qualified to enter the “incubation” stage of the Seed acceleration process. The fund seeks highly innovative business models that are founded on the Learn to Start principles of entrepreneurship that have clearly proven the test metrics of profitability, sustainability, and efficiency, and that are aligned for scale inside of the markets they choose to serve.

Meet the Founders

Gary Conroy

Co-Founder of Seed

A serial entrepreneur, Gary has built several companies ranging from commercial real estate management, a restaurant investment group, and a consultancy group, to his most recent passion centered in entrepreneurial education. He focuses on merging his skill in creativity with his passion for relationship building and business model generation to bring about outcomes that change business cultures and ensure efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

Gary passionately believes in integral management solutions that hinge around building teams with talented partners that share his fundamental focus on creativity, strong network building, and the true power of relationships.

Joseph Gitto

Co-Founder of Seed

Joseph Gitto is an accomplished senior finance, sales and operational executive, entrepreneur, coach, thought leader, and board member with more than 25 years of success in various industries.

Leveraging extensive experience in finance, sales, marketing, and operations, Joseph is a valuable asset for growing businesses that are seeking expert assistance with raising capital, developing sales and marketing strategies, business and strategic planning, developing financial controls, reporting and oversight as well as leadership team development.

Creating a Sustainable Future

One of the founding philosophies of The Learn to Start Institute Powered by The Startup Studio is that in order to fix the planet we must begin by fixing the people on it first.

Ensuring the long-term sustainability of our planet is going to require a new generation of solution bearers equipped with the skills and mindsets to bring about highly complex change. Their solutions must generate a highly conscious approach to the overall economic model of the future – a future that ensures the success of a multitude of stakeholders. 

Seed Group is aligned with the UN and their Sustainable Development Goals to ensure our Learn to Start participants are highly conscious, supported, and prepared to become drivers of this change.

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